Slat Rubber
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  • Dairy Slat Rubber
  • Beef Slat Rubber

EasyFix slat rubber is made from the highest quality rubber and is suitable for old and new slats. This feature packed patented product includes an easy fit self-wedge solution that is designed to increase animal confidence, comfort and welfare. EasyFix slat rubber increases cow mobility with cows moving more easily and more comfortably. The sloped profile allows for increased drainage and promotes a drier, less slippery surface. The diamond shaped tread pattern and ribbed underside promotes superior grip and enhanced foothold, effectively bringing the pasture indoors.

Slat Rubber Features

• Superior design (grip, profile and ribbed).

• Manufactured to ISO9002 standard.

• High quality rubber.

• DLG Signum Test Approved.

• Patented two strip system.

• Suitable for new and old slats, all sizes
catered for.

• Sloped profile for quick urine run-off to increase drainage as well as reduce emissions.

• Self-wedged solution (no additional fixation material required).

• High tensile strength, high levels of deformity and high elasticity.

Slat Rubber Advantages

• Increases animal confidence, comfort and welfare.

• Reduces lameness.

• Better feed conversion.

• Increases productivity (increased ADWG).

• Excellent for young stock and bulls (no bedding and reduced labour costs).

• Enhanced foothold and comfort – almost the same as pasture.

• Angular surfaces improves run off and therefore animal cleanliness.

• Lower thermal conductivity and better insulation ensuring more comfortable animals.

Quality and Durability

EasyFix Slat Rubber comes with a 5 Year Warranty and has achieved the internationally recognised DLG Signum and Fokus Tests which are undertaken on-farm and in a laboratory environment over a prolonged period. These tests confirmed:

• Good wear resistance

• No lasting deformation with continuous tread load

• No appreciable wear

• No noteworthy changes in length or width

• Good slip resistance and foothold

• Simple for DIY laying with stable and reliable fixing

Animals observed on the rubber showed increased activity, improved comfort and heat behaviour and reduced mechanical-traumatical claw findings.