Cow Comfort 101

Posted on Nov 14, 2017 in Cow Comfort, News
Cow Comfort 101

Cow comfort 101 means addressing the areas where dairy cows rest, feed, walk and are milked. Improve the cow comfort levels of the herd in these four areas and experience greater milk production, fewer occurrences of lameness and overall greater profitability.

Resting Cow Comfort:Cow Comfort

Dairy cows love to lie down and ruminate. Although they may seem to be resting, they are still quite busy with milk production.  Mattress mats are the easiest solution to improve comfort in resting areas. With thicknesses of up to 50mm of high quality latex memory foam, joints are less vulnerable to injury as the animals rise and lower themselves. Latex materials maintain sanitary conditions. Interlocking designs make it possible to configure mats to any rest area’s dimensions.

Walkways:Cow Mat

Products like the Supergrip Family of rubberized walkway matting are designed to improve confidence as much as comfort among the herd. The versatility of this line of mats makes it possible to meet every barn’s needs: walkways, crossovers, turning corners, etc. Better traction reduces injury. By improving locomotion and enabling a natural gait, dairy cows experience less stress which results in higher yields of milk production. This family of products also feature interlocking design for installation ease.

Milking:Cow comfort

A comfortable parlor is a better producing parlor. Eva Parlor Mats have a five star rating within the dairy industry. When milking machine operators are traveling through the barn with ease and confidence, the cows can sense it. Improve herd confidence and comfort by improving safety for parlor pit workers.

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