The EasyFix Advantage.

Independently Tested Independently Tested

DLG signum test is an independent intensive test conducted by the German Agricultural Society. EasyFix Slat Rubber system was awarded the DLG certificate, which is an internationally recognized agricultural standard. The intensive testing conducted by DLG examined over 3,000sqm of EasyFix Slat Rubber used in thirteen farms for up to three years.

In-House Testing, Development, and Design In-House Testing, Development, and Design

Based out of Galway, Ireland, the EasyFix team is commited to researching and designing solutions to meet the needs of their customers. Rigorous testing at EasyFix’s in-house lab ensures customers get the best quality product every time.

Quality Materials Quality Materials

EasyFix is commited to using top quality rubber and plastic compounds to ensure that their cow mats and stalls withstand the toughest conditions, giving customer’s confidence in their investment.